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Secret Behind Securing #1 Ranking of Website on Google

Secret Behind Securing #1 Ranking of Website on Google

In today’s world website are the first priorities to start any business or provide self-thoughts, people use websites to publish their thoughts and tries to attract visitors.

secret-behind-securing-1-ranking-of-website-on-google, it is not that good content doesn’t play any role in ranking but to rank on Google we need to learn some SEO tricks which can help us to rank well on Google search

Ranking on Google is quite difficult now a day. The scenario was not such a few years back but the more the internet and websites get popular more it’s getting hard to rank well on Google.

Therefore in this blog, we bring a few SEO tricks to rank your website higher by putting in some effort.

To rank your website at a good position one thing we always should avoid is replication of other sites. Google or any other search engine does not support the concept of replication by any means. Therefore we can replicate the ideas but not the content.

Second, comes the keyword. Long Tail Keywords are the most necessary part of your website to rank. Giving a perfect keyword is very important, it should be short popular, and meaningful. This becomes the word that attracts visitors.

So while purchasing your domain you should always try to have your keyword in it. This truly helps in getting more visitors in a smart way.

After that, our Title tag and the Meta Description should also have the keyword placed in a meaningful position so that it attracts visitors and your Google rank gets higher.

After keywords come to content, these contents can be said to the body of our website. This is the place where you communicate with your visitor, therefore, this place should be neither too long nor too short and must be informative and beneficial for your visitors. And important thing, this page should be appealing enough to make your visitor read your content.

You can use different Google tools such as Google search console, Google Analytics and etc to check the health of your site. These Google tools give you analytical data about your pages, posts, and content via which you can get the impression of your visitor, how many click you received and what is your bounce rate. This information can be taken as a report of your work and can solve the problems which are coming in the path of attracting your visitors.

And after you make all the tasks mentioned you need to socially bookmark your content and promote your sites via Classifieds. If you want to know how to create a good website or want an expert who can build the best website for your business you may contact us or you can check our services of Website Design or Logo Design etc.

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