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BTN Infosolution excels in offering complete ecommerce website development services in Kolkata. Our team of experts has decades of experience crafting eye-catching eCommerce website designs, marketing and promotion over Google and various social media and setting up analytics platforms for developing shopping campaigns, as well as we also offer potent web hosting solutions patronized with top-grade CDN, provide custom-made solutions to meet your specific needs, for all these we are able to hold the position of the best ecommerce website development company in Kolkata, India.

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    Bring Your Business Online With The Best eCommerce Website Development Company In Kolkata

    BTN Infosolution is a renowned name in eCommerce web development in Kolkata, serving both B2B and B2C markets. With our expertise in integrating cutting-edge technology, we create innovative and competitive eCommerce solutions that drive business growth. As the top-rated eCommerce web development company in Kolkata, we excel in eCommerce website design & development and offer proper hosting as well as eCommerce marketing through SEO. Our dedicated team offers personalized services at competitive prices, guaranteeing exceptional results tailored to our client’s unique requirements.

    At BTN Infosolution, we take pride in having a top-notch WooCommerce design team that possesses vast expertise in understanding the specific requirements of businesses before embarking on the web design journey. Our dedicated in-house developers collaborate seamlessly to build secure and highly interactive online shopping platforms tailored to cater to diverse industries. Moreover, we integrate the cutting-edge technologies to streamline business operations effectively. Elevating your business to new heights is a breeze when you partner with BTN Infosolution, a renowned ecommerce website developer in Kolkata.

    Best Ecommerce Development Company in Kolkata

    Explore Our Feature-Rich eCommerce Web Development Services in Kolkata

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    With years of experience in developing both multi-vendor and single-vendor eCommerce websites, we are well-equipped to assist retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other enterprises in enhancing customer satisfaction, boosting website traffic, and increasing sales. As one of the leading eCommerce website design companies in Kolkata, we aim to create an advanced eCommerce website to help you stand out from the crowd.

    Creating an eCommerce site is the right step to display your product online and increase sales while keeping your budget in check. Utilizing the most up-to-date methods with years of experience, we have the expertise to give shape to a flawless eCommerce website which makes us one of the top eCommerce website development service providers in Kolkata. WordPress eCommerce Website Development, Magento development and WooCommerce development, we’re always ready to offer your project of developing eCommerce custom solutions on time, regardless of whether you’re an established or start-up business.

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    Reasons behind Choosing Us For eCommerce Development Services in Kolkata

    In order to create the best e-commerce website for your business, the devoted team of btn infosolution has the expertise to identify its individuality to create feature-rich and robust websites. We customize the eCommerce website development process to facilitate your digital transformation. After understanding all your expectations, we will successfully manage your entire application and eCommerce website development project. Our primary objective is to provide a top-notch service that satisfies all our clients.

    We offer customized eCommerce development services for businesses, including highly functional eCommerce portals, multi-vendor platforms and end-to-end conversion across various niches which makes BTN Infosolution a specialized Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website Development Company in Kolkata. You can depend on us for exceptional user-enriched shopping carts, secured payment gateway integration, and unique shop designs that will improve your return on investment. You will be delighted to work with the dynamic eCommerce web development team from BTN Infosolution for the best assistance!

    Experience and Expertise

    We established ourselves as experts in eCommerce website development for several years. Our team comprises seasoned developers and designers who are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends. With our vast experience and expertise, we assure that your website stays updated with the latest features and functionalities, keeping it ahead of the curve.

    Customized Solutions

    We established ourselves as experts in eCommerce website development for several years. Our team comprises seasoned developers and designers who are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends. With our vast experience and expertise, we assure that your website stays updated with the latest features and functionalities, keeping it ahead of the curve.


    Mobile-Friendly Websites

    With most online shopping happening on mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is essential. Being a pioneer eCommerce development agency in Kolkata, we assure that all our eCommerce websites that we develop are optimized for all devices specially for mobile devices.

    SEO-Friendly Websites

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of any eCommerce website. We understand the importance of it and ensure that all your websites which we develop are SEO-friendly. We optimize all aspects of SEO that help improve your rankings.

    Secure Payment Gateways

    Ensuring the security of customer data is foremost in eCommerce. We integrate secure payment gateways into our customer websites by partnering with leading payment gateway solution provider Razorpay for payment gateway integration to protect customer data.

    Post-Launch Support

    We offer continuing assistance to ensure that your website keeps operating efficiently and keeps up with the latest technologies and trends which makes BTN Infosolution an eminent ecommerce website development company in Kolkata.

    Competitive Pricing

    We strive to deliver exceptional solutions at reasonable costs, ensuring a seamless initiation for your business in the e-commerce world. Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees, giving you peace of mind when working with us.

    Local Expertise

    As a prominent e-commerce development agency in Kolkata,  possess an in-depth understanding of the local market and its distinct needs. Our team has extensive experience collaborating with clients in Kolkata which can provide valuable insights and local expertise to help your eCommerce business succeed.

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    Assisting You To Solve all the eCommerce Challenges You Face For Brands

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    BTN Infosolution has been offering an extensive solution for eCommerce to meet various branding requirements. As one of the highest-rated eCommerce development companies in Kolkata, We increase the growth of your website by integrating the most cutting-edge technologies into the omnichannel market and enhancing the checkout process.

    We earned a reputation as a reliable eCommerce development company. Our aim is to ensure that your website ranks high in search results which brings more visibility and success to your business. To maintain smooth operations and avoid unwelcome complications or challenges, we provide after-sales support and eCommerce site maintenance.

    Benefits of Hiring Top-Ranked eCommerce Solutions Agency

    Hiring BTN Infosolution, the top-ranked eCommerce development agency comes with myriad benefits for your business. With our expertise in eCommerce development, we help you build robust online stores which drive sales and provide excellent user experiences. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive knowledge of the intricacies within the realm of eCommerce. Our team of experts possesses a deep understanding of the complications within the eCommerce realm and utilises cutting-edge technologies to craft secure and user-friendly platforms with great expertise. Moreover, our dedicated customer support provides prompt assistance and smooth operation of your eCommerce platform.

    By partnering with BTN Infosolution, you gain a competitive edge, save valuable time and resources. Our tailored eCommerce solutions not only fuel growth but also ensure that you make the most of your revenue potential. Experience the benefits of working with the best eCommerce web development company in Kolkata and take your online business to new heights with BTN Infosolution.

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    There are several types of e-commerce websites, each catering to different business models and objectives. Here are some common types:

    Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Websites:

    These websites sell products or services directly to individual customers. Examples include online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

    Business-to-Business (B2B) Websites:

    These websites facilitate transactions between businesses. They serve as a platform for companies to purchase supplies, materials, or services from other businesses. Alibaba is a well-known B2B e-commerce website.

    Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) Websites:

    These websites enable individuals to sell products or services to other individuals. Users act as both buyers and sellers. Popular C2C websites include eBay and Craigslist.

    Consumer-to-Business (C2B) Websites:

    In this model, individuals offer products or services to businesses. Freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr are examples of C2B websites.

    Dropshipping Websites:

    Dropshipping involves selling products without maintaining inventory. The retailer transfers customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer, who then ships the products directly to the customer. Shopify is a common platform for dropshipping websites.

    Subscription-Based Websites:

    These websites offer products or services on a recurring basis in exchange for a subscription fee. Examples include streaming platforms like Netflix and subscription boxes like Birchbox.

    Marketplace Websites:

    These platforms connect multiple sellers with potential buyers. Sellers can create their online stores within the marketplace, and customers can browse and purchase products from various sellers. Examples include Etsy and eBay.

    Social Commerce Websites:

    Social commerce combines e-commerce and social media, allowing users to discover and purchase products directly within social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook Marketplace are popular social commerce platforms.

    Digital Product Websites:

    These websites focus on selling digital products such as software, e-books, music, or online courses. Platforms like Udemy and iTunes Store fall into this category.

    Nonprofit or Donation Websites:

    These websites facilitate online donations for charitable organizations or nonprofits. They often include features for fundraising campaigns and accepting donations securely.

    These are just a few examples of the types of e-commerce websites. Depending on the business model and industry, websites may have unique features and functionalities to cater to their specific audience.

    What We Do For You

    BTN Infosolution has years of experience in providing custom digital services to guarantee the best revenue and organic traffic for brands. From developing and designing eCommerce websites, eCommerce hosting, advertising and even end-to-end conversion across a variety of industries we offer custom solutions to meet the particular requirements of your company. You can trust us to deliver outstanding website designs including an efficient shopping cart with secure payment gateway integrations for your ecommerce business to boost your return on investment.

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    Complete Branding Strategy

    BTN Infosolution has years of experience in providing custom digital services to guarantee the best revenue and organic traffic for brands. From developing and designing eCommerce websites, eCommerce hosting, advertising and even end-to-end conversion across a variety of industries we offer custom solutions to meet the particular requirements of your company. You can trust us to deliver outstanding website designs including an efficient shopping cart with secure payment gateway integrations for your ecommerce business to boost your return on investment.

    Quick ROI

    Our highly acclaimed eCommerce services can play a crucial role in assessing the performance of your site which can enhance the user experience. Our dedicated SEO team will assist you in acquiring your customers and ensuring a swift and lucrative return on investment for your business. Being a leading eCommerce development company in Kolkata, our immediate objective is to enrich the eCommerce functionality of your website and attain greater Return on Investment (ROI).

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    Boost App Download

    BTN Infosolution offers tailor-made mobile app development and solutions to drive higher app downloads and engagement. Our team crafts highly impactful marketing strategies that can tremendously boost the number of downloads for your shopping app. We have the mechanisms to enhance the attractiveness of your eCommerce website and simplify the accessibility of shopping carts. A High-quality eCommerce development service like ours can boost the overall performance of your e-commerce website.

    Increase Sales

    We are dedicated to skyrocketing your sales through strategic design, user experience optimization and seamless navigation. With our tailored solutions, you’ll witness a substantial increase in sales, ultimately propelling your business to achieve its revenue goals. Our committed SEO team has the expertise in combining conversion from beginning to end with eCommerce analytics.

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    Ecommerce Customer Management, customer notification service by sms, email notification service for ecommerce

    Customer Management

    BTN Infosolution, a leading eCommerce website development company provides a highly flexible and scalable customer management system. Our customer management system is designed to surpass all your expectations.

    Our advanced customer management system is fully customizable with no limitations. It offers a range of features such as wish list, order tracking and order view/print options for customers. We also provide a retry payment option to address any failed orders.

    Content Management

    Our ecommerce development agency excels in content management for your e-commerce business. We meticulously curate content to engage your audience effectively. From product descriptions to blog posts by ensuring coherence and relevance we drive conversions. Managing your website’s content and enhancing your online presence is easy with our comprehensive content management system.

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    ecommerce technical Support by BTN Infosolution, complete ecommerce development solution in kolkata

    Technical Support

    At our company, we have overcome a range of industry and technical challenges through relentless internal activities and effective research. Our approach is to offer advanced ecommerce web services through innovative solutions with best business practices and cutting-edge technologies.

    • We have a dedicated support team available to clarify any technical or non-technical queries at your convenience.
    • Any queries related to customization will be promptly diverted to the concerned technical experts.

    Our top priority is on delivering our clients with top-notch service and being dedicated to assisting them in achieving their business objectives via our state-of-the-art ecommerce development services.

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