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mobile marketing strategy essentially is a means of reaching prospective customers while they’re on the internet away from their desktop in office or at home. With regard to mobile marketing advantages are many. Mobile marketing trends are rapidly changing with the advent of smart phones, tablets and similar mobile devices. Hence mobile marketing has become mandatory for most virtual businesses.

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    These days mobile marketing is one of the rapidly growing areas of a digital marketing campaign. In India alone, an ever increasing number of mobile phones users are the prime target of a digital marketer. Bulk SMS service as a mobile marketing strategy is one-of-a-kind service with which one could reach these huge numbers of people. In terms of mobile marketing advantages are that one could do business or market any product or service with the medium of bulk SMS. Through bulk SMS prospective customers would be aware of latest offers, new products, and latest price updates as well. We are following mobile marketing trends and are therefore providing affordable and reliable bulk SMS service all over India. This service aims at generating leads consistently for our clients. As a bulk SMS service provider in India, we follow TRAI guidelines.

    mobile marketing agency in kolkata
    mobile marketing services in kolkata


    When a lead is generated there isn’t any scope that the lead would be missed as there is missed call service which is another mobile marketing strategy. The automation of missed call service through a web based application is for prospective customers to use. All they have to do is call a toll free number and hang up. An automated call back service would return the missed call from the prospective customer. The mobile marketing advantages of a missed call service are that one could grab the attention of prospective customers. Once they engage with products, services, advertisement, and brands and so on then a mobile marketing campaign has achieved its primary objective of locating prospective customers. The current mobile marketing trends of a missed call service is very effective as it’s free of cost for prospective customers. By incorporating a missed call service number in the advertisement leads can be generated with ease.


    Voice SMS is yet another mobile marketing strategy which has similarity with an SMS except that the voice is recorded in advance. In relation to mobile marketing advantages of Voice SMS is that it can be used for telemarketing of any product, service, offers and so on. Voice SMS marketing is one of the best mobile marketing trends in recent times as potential customers can be reached directly on their mobile phones. In digital marketing voice sms service is a technology with the potential of reaching out to intended audience in any regional language for greater accessibility with intended audience. As majority of the populace in India is non-English speaking, voice sms service with bulk sms and outbound dialer facilities would be preferred by any digital marketer to reach a select group of audience. With state-of-the-art technology it’s possible to make several outbound calls at the same time. With auto-redial facility if the person at the other end of the line is busy on another call the phone number would automatically dial until a connection is established. Preset time and date can be set for voice SMS or an outbound call campaign. The call would be dialled on that preset time. We only charge for successful calls.

    mobile marketing service provider in kolkata

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