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Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Centre Management Software

BTN Infosolution’s cutting-edge Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Centre Management Software is a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the way pathology labs operate. Our pathology laboratory software seamlessly integrates and streamlines every aspect of laboratory management, sample tracking, test management, report generation and billing. With an intuitive interface and robust features, our pathology software empowers lab professionals to enhance accuracy, efficiency and overall productivity.

E Lab –The Best Pathology Lab Management Software in West Bengal, Kolkata

eLab – Pathology Lab Management Software is one of the best pathology lab reportingsoftware in India. eLab gives pathology labs the most adaptable data module that is particularly used to disperse and record the data compared to all the tests performed in the pathology laboratory. Our Pathology lab reporting software is particularly incorporated to centralise the whole database and modules.  eLab can be used as an integrated solution as diagnostic lab management software, laboratory inventory management system and pathological laboratory management software. In West Bengal, Our pathology lab software comes with essential modules like billing, pre-booking of tests, report generation and delivery, payments agent management, patient information management etc. 

e-Lab! One of a kind Pathology Lab Software !!

Streamline Your Lab Operations with Our
Complete Pathology Lab Management Software

Best Pathology Lab Reporting Software In West Bengal, Kolkata

The most highlighting features of our pathology lab reporting software are easy billing, customized report generation, printing and a fully functional laboratory inventory management system. You can manage the day-to-day record-keeping work for pathological laboratories, in a more efficient way. Our unique pathology reporting software can provide high-quality medicinal services to customers. It helps medical administrators and professionals to deliver high levels of proficiency, exactness, and professionalism in their work.

eLab is one of the best web-based Diagnostic Center Management Software in Indi7890-. We have integrated the Referral Laboratory Management System in eLab. It is designed in a franchise-based model as well as a stand-alone model. It may be used as diagnostic centre billingsoftware. It is fully tested by the best pathology laboratory software.It is fully tested by the best pathology laboratory software. Our pathology reporting software will transform your diagnostic lab operations, ensuring precision and compliance.

Why Choose BTN Infosolution's Pathology
Lab Management Software

Efficient Patient Management

BTN Infosolution's Pathology Lab Management Software streamlines patient records, making it easy to manage and access patient information and appointments.

Seamless Test Management

Our software simplifies the process of managing and tracking tests, from sample collection to analysis, ensuring a systematic and organized workflow.

Accurate Result Reporting

With our software, result reporting becomes more accurate and timely, reducing the chances of errors and delays and enhancing the quality of patient care.

Simplified Billing

Our software automates billing processes, making it hassle-free for both patients and lab administrators. Accurate invoicing and secure payment options enhance the financial aspect of lab operations.

Effective Inventory Management

Efficiently track and manage lab inventory, ensuring that necessary supplies and reagents are always available when needed, reducing downtime and improving overall lab efficiency.

In-Depth Reporting and Analytics

Our software offers robust reporting and analytics tools, providing valuable insights into lab operations and helping improve lab performance.

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Feature of eLab - Best Pathology Lab Management Software In West Bengal

  • Multiple Types of Pre-configured Reports
  • Pre-configured with more than 300 tests
  • Auto distinct value load for every value parameter
  • Separate database for the commission of doctors, technicians, and franchises
  • Centralized management of Multiple Branches or Franchise
  • Patients Data Management
  • Money receipt printing
  • Unique ID for every patient
  • Referring Doctor Master with commission specification
  • Agent Commission Calculation
  • Money receipt printing
  • Unique ID for every patient
  • Referring to Doctor Master with commission specification
  • Agent Commission Calculation
  • Standalone or Multiuser version
  • User Role Management
  • Pathology lab franchise management with Credit Limit and part payment
  • Laboratory reagent management and procurement management
  • Pending Bill Management
  • Inventory management for every test including the effective cost of chemicals, and materials left in stock after tests
  • Barcode is implemented for sample entry and sample received.

Benefits Of Using eLab Pathology Lab Reporting Software

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  • Searching by entering the unique patient ID, record ID or the name of the patient
  • Extensive customer and franchise record management
  • Email / SMS notification to patients
  • Excellent invoicing and billing facilities
  • Auto Load and View of Default Test Results
  • Unlimited users can access it at a time
  • Customized report design
  • Input Complicated test formats in a single click
  • Paperless work environment
  • Test Results Entry
  • E-mail all reports including MIS reports
  • It is user-friendly, reliable, and easily configurable
  • Multiple types of reports including radiology reports.

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