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Taking the Picture-Perfect Picture for e-Marketing

Taking the Picture-Perfect Picture for e-Marketing

Taking pictures is an art, a simple yet complex and skillful process. No wonder not everyone is talented enough and why professional photographers can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars off a single photoshoot session.

The big daddies of the corporal world invest fancy on these professional photographers for their e-commerce products. And it’s all in good reason.

Researches show that about 49% of the world would still prefer to shop in a physical store where they can enjoy a physical and ‘real’ experience with the product without making any commitments beforehand. THAT is a HUGE number of people.

Images though are something closest to that physical experience that a business can provide in e-commerce. Which is why it wouldn’t be far fledged to say that images can make or break your conversions.

You genuinely wouldn’t be inclined towards a website and its products if the pictures aren’t admirable, would you?

Conclusively, product images mean a lot in e-commerce.

But apparently, you don’t need a hefty budget to get the coolest pictures for your website. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get the picture-perfect pictures, affordably.

First, let us understand why images are essential for e-commerce

People still cherish retail purchasing a great deal. And who wouldn’t, no one wants to go through the overwhelming wait after ordering a product only to find it to be useless to themselves and then wait till it gets returned and then wait till they get a replacement and then who knows repeat the cycle if they get the wrong one again.

Been there, done that. Doesn’t feel nice. At all.

While it may seem e-marketing is on the rise, which although it is, very recent studies by the eMarket show that customers in nearly all industries still prefer purchasing in an actual store rather than an e-commerce platform:

What e-marketers need, therefore, is to offer a similar experience as one would get in a store. To communicate that touch and that feeling, but visually.

Unless you have some futuristic tech hidden in your garage that’s about to be commercialized very soon, product images are, evidently, more important than they’ve ever been.

These images need to be carefully planned to express the intended meaning to develop the desired brand image. We’ve all heard ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This is where the idiom comes closest to actuality.

Saikat Chatterjee

Mr. Saikat Chatterjee is the Founder & CEO at BTN Infosolution - an affordable Digital Marketing Company from Kolkata, India. He is a Serial Web Entrepreneur, Web Strategist & Internet Marketing Consultant. Saikat helps other traditional as well as web businesses by offering suitable solutions to transform or enhance their online presence, which often converts to new leads or business prospects relevant to their business domain. With 15+ years of extensive domain expertise he is acting as Web Marketing consultant to 20+ well know business groups from India as well as abroad. An avid learner and a powerful speaker, who is always busy in upgrading knowledgebase, Saikat never hesitates to take a call, even from where others failed miserably. Get in touch with him on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

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