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BTN Infosolution is the #1 Lead Generation Company in Kolkata that Supercharge Your Business Growth with the best Online Lead Generation Service via various platforms. Our expert team employs cutting-edge strategies to attract, engage and convert potential customers. From targeted campaigns to optimized landing pages, we’ll help you generate high-quality leads that drive revenue and fuel your success. Experience the power of an effective lead generation campaign today.

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    Top Online Business Lead Generation Company In Kolkata

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    With the intensifying competition among businesses, we comprehend that our clients are always trying to unveil better ways to stay on top of the game. Additionally, we are aware that each company has different needs, therefore we provide unique, tailored lead generation services in Kolkata that might benefit your business. This makes us one of the most reliable Lead Generation Companies in Kolkata for effective business lead generation services.

    BTN Infosolution helps you build an interactive landing page so that customers get curious when they visit your website. Creating a visually appealing website alone won’t lead to increased sales. The key lies in effectively generating leads from that website to convert potential customers into actual buyers. Contact BTN Infosolution today for world-class online lead generation service in Kolkata!

    Get Targeted Business Leads Daily At 50% Less CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). No Spam. Unlock the Proven Roadmap That Has Skyrocketed Business Leads by an Astonishing 150%.

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    We always carry out business-centric lead-generation campaigns for our B2B and B2C clients. Our distinctive approaches are developed to reach the audience your brand aims to connect with.

    Our lead generation team is in charge of finding potential customers with our Facebook lead generation service through Facebook advertisements and paid ads. We have an extensive sales lead generation team that uses Google AdWords and social media channels to generate leads, achieving better results with every lead generation campaign.

    We have the faculty to develop a highly efficient and impeccably designed landing page, which will greatly facilitate your brand in enhancing its lead generation process.

    As a reputed lead generation company in Kolkata, we regularly publish blogs, articles, and other content that can help your brand by increasing your number of leads. We similarly implement effective techniques that ensure that such content is accessed by your target audience.

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    Best Lead generation service in kolkata

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    Google PPC

    Google AdWords Pay-per-click service (PPC Services) is one of them for creating lead generation ads as per your requirements.

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    Bulk Email

    Email marketing is a procedure of sending mass commercial messages using email. Deliver your targeted messages to a vast audience helping you reach potential customers at scale.

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    Bulk WhatsApp

    Drive rich customer conversations by using our WhatsApp marketing solutions and the WhatsApp Business API and generate business leads.

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    Bulk SMS

    Promotional offers, service offerings, special discounts and any kind of announcement you can inform your customers easily with bulk SMS service.

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    Social Media Promotion

    Facebook lead generation service is now essential to achieve greater leads. By social media promotion, you drive valuable leads and boost your business growth.

    Lead Generation Service by Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Optimizing your website's content to rank higher in search engine results and attract organic traffic, which can be converted into leads.

    our other Services


    Enhance your social presence. Increase Likes and ratings.

    Mobile Marketing

    Bulk SMS / WhatsApp, Missed Call Services, Voice SMS, all you need.

    Google AdWords PPC

    Get noticed. Place your ad on top of google search with AdWords PPC.

    E-mail Marketing

    Bulk E-mail Solution. Including Database. Customized Templates.

    Video Marketing

    Video Marketing. From Creation to Promotion, all at your service.

    Reputation Management

    Manage Online Reputation of your Organization. Make the Difference.

    Content Marketing

    Content is the king. 100% non-plagiarized content guaranteed.

    WhatsApp Marketing

    Bulk WhatsApp marketing solution including database & Customized contents

    Bulk SMS Marketing

    Bulk SMS Marketing Solution. Including Database & Customized Contents.