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Keyword Density – Concept and Importance

Does Keyword Density Still Matter for SEO?

Keyword density is a fundamental concept of search engine optimization. Since it has a big impact on website content’s visibility in search results and obviously on the cost of your web advertisement campaigns, it’s pretty much important to understand how keyword density actually works on SEO process.

Keyword Density or Keyword Frequency?

“Keyword Density” generally means that the number of times a word / keyword appears within the content of a specific webpage. We use the number to calculate a ratio or percentage of the total word count of that page. This process sometimes also called as keyword frequency; that means it is the frequency of the specific word’s / keyword’s appearance on a webpage.

How to Calculate:-

To calculate the density of a particular Keyword on a webpage, simply divide the number of times a particular keyword is placed by the total number of words on the page content – the result will be the density of that keyword on that particular page.

What Is TF-IDF?

There is another way to calculate keyword density, which is a bit more advanced, called “TF-IDF”. TF-IDF = “Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency”. This advanced process is generally used in Information Retrieval or Text Mining, which are actually a way of determining how important a given keyword is to a document. Variations of TF-IDF is used by search engines in some times to determine the relevance of a webpage’s content to a user’s search string.

What’s the Right Density of Keywords in SEO?

Actually, there are no defined “rules” about ideal keyword density. One can’t find any guidelines from Search Engines (Google / Bing / Yahoo)  that can tell you exactly the amount of keyword a content should have, neither there are any statistics you can rely upon that can guide you how densely keywords should be or should not be placed on your site.

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