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Voice Searches More Popular in 2019

Voice Searches More Popular in 2019

According to studies conducted by Stone Temple, a globally renowned digital marketing agency, more people are using voice searches to find information in 2019 than they last year. The jump is a big leap to 25% of the respondents than 15% last year. Despite this big jump, if you look at the bigger picture, voice search is still placed 4th in the pecking order when it comes to how people find information on their smartphones. The first preference of users remains the ever-dependable mobile browser on their phones, followed by a separate search app installed on the phone. The search window of the phone comes in third, followed by voice searches. There is another important piece of information coming up through this survey. Women are more likely to use voice searches than men. Stats reveal that men use voice commands for every other purpose than texting and searching for information. For these two requirements, they prefer to type in what they need. Women are more accepting of voice searches. This, and the fact that more people are now using voice searches is encouraging more digital marketing companies to develop content ideally suited for voice searches. Voice search content creators can be buoyed by this study which has also revealed that those respondents who have used voice search earmark it as their preferred mode of searching. The ease and convenience of voice searches is something that they don’t give up, even when they have other options. The only downside to this is that there are many who are yet to use voice searches at all. These are more likely to be people who still prefer mobile browsers and apps for their searches. Once they engage with voice searches, they will take to it but the initiation is not happening. Voice searches also happen to be placed 6th when it comes to answering the question: “Which of these applications have you controlled with voice commands?” The choices which beat voice searches to the top include making calls, texting, getting directions, playing music and setting up alarms. Digital marketers will take plenty of lessons from this survey, that’s for sure!

Saikat Chatterjee

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