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Generate Leads for Start-Ups in India

How to Generate Leads for Start-Ups in India

Today, we are going to discuss how to generate lead for Start-Ups in India. Lead Generation is a part of the business that deals with gaining interest from customers that eventually turns into leads.

Generating leads and winning more customers is not an easy task. As a Start-Up, you need more leads to sustain. We will show you how to generate lead for Start-Ups. Read on to learn some important tricks of the lead generation game.

Many marketers and business owners don’t know how to generate lead, but they should know about the lead generation process for their own good.

let’s get to the point. First, you need to know –

What is Lead Generation?

In other words, Lead generation is a process to attract those customers who are interested in your business products or services. It allows companies to nurture targets until they are ready to buy. You can generate leads from two sources – Online and Offline.

You need to set up a lead generation strategy for your start-up, which can help you to generate quality leads.


 We will discuss, the Important Strategies that help you to Generate New Leads

  1. The first thing you need to create is a Landing Page. A landing page is a specific informative webpage that after getting clicked redirects to your website.
  2. Secondly, you need to set up a Lead Magnet. Lead nurturing can be a very slow process. It is unknown when a prospective lead is going to decide about a purchase. So you need to create a Lead Magnet that generates temptations to buy so a prospective lead converts quickly.
  3. Nowadays, social media videos are a very active and engaging platform. Suppose, if you start to watch one video, it is quite obvious that you will be continuing to watch one after another as Social Media Platforms suggests related and most relevant one to you. This also grabs your attention about the product marketers and business owners are offering.  So along with the website, you need to focus on videos as well, as video is one of the most powerful lead generation tools.
  4. According to research, 50 percent of the customer gives positive feedback after getting the desired result and also provide referrals. Getting Referrals is one of the most effective lead generation strategies because these leads convert very easily as they are coming to you with a positive mind. Firstly you have to ask the customer whether they might be satisfied with the product or services you are offering, and pass the information to anyone who is also looking to buy the same service or product.


Some other ways to generate Leads

  1. LinkedIn:

Through LinkedIn, we can generate leads. As it is a professional platform we can find some corporate lead here.

  1. Webinar:

It is actually an online event by which we can reach a group of like-minded people or individuals through their computers via the internet. The basic Marketing Strategy for Startups is to connect with their audience more and webinars are a good medium to generate leads.

  1. Blogs:

It is another important strategy for generating leads. You have to write blogs about the product or service you offer and you can convert readers to your customer by generating interest in them.


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Saikat Chatterjee

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