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Get More Patient Inquiries!!

Get more patient inquiries with these digital marketing strategies for dermatologists

These 8 Great Digital Marketing Strategies for Dermatologists that can be a Game-Changer for You

1. Creating your very OWN website:

Could you think of a place where there is everything related to YOU and your services? Treatment information, appointment booking, call/text action, tips and suggestions, and many more; a website can hold EVERYTHING your mind can think of. Having personalized websites with tons of information arranged carefully can be one of the best forms of digital marketing strategies for dermatologists.
– A place to execute all your marketing strategies.
– A thing that has a massive potential to grow in a very short span of time.
– A place that establishes you and your services over the internet.
– A place from where you can have unlimited responses to address.
– A place where you can have great reviews from your valuable patients to establish trust in people seeking your services.
Life in a post-covid world is unimaginable without the Internet. It’s not about being blindly dependent on the internet, but the reliability, truthfulness, and immediacy of the internet make it an essential part of life. If you don’t want to miss out on all these benefits of having your very own website, then this is a thing which you should opt for.

2. Social Media Optimization For Dermatologists:

With the influx of users in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., social media marketing for dermatologists is something that is highly in demand. The huge number of people on these sites, who are looking for services, is something which you shall ‘miss out’ if you skip this part. {According to Google, as many as 90% of Doctors, nowadays, use this online medium and thinks of it as a stable source to bring a huge number of patients. Out of 4 people on the internet, 3 of them look out for doctors online.} So, what is holding you back then? There are tons of things to work on, LIKE

i. Uploading interactive posts- A nicely designed post with easy-to-read information is probably the best source to gain people’s Attention! Here are some things which can be posted

     a. New treatment updates and information regarding the diagnostics.
     b. Do’s & don’ts, tips & suggestions to a particular subject.
     c. Special festival posts to wish your followers.
     d. Information regarding new or seasonal diseases and its cure.

It’s time for you to relax and let the posts talk for you!

ii. Making people respond through those posts- Don’t be surprised! Yes, people can connect with you through these posts. How?

  • Embedding a BUTTON to make people instantly text or call you.
  • Embedding a LINK to make them click on it. It can lead to ‘booking an appointment’ or ‘knowing more about the diagnostic’.

A post without embeddings is a soul without a heart. If you are already feeling enthusiastic to address a lot of responses from these posts then embedded posts are something that can be a game-changer.

iii. Creating Trustability from people’s responses- Comments and reviews are something which we see as an important element to decide the reliability and truthfulness of something on social networking sites. Having nice reviews and advisable comments from your reliable patients can make people respond to your post with more dignity and Trustability.

iv. Let the Advertisement speak for you: Doctors, you may have thought of advertising yourself and making things work for you. Reliable, trustful, accurate, and immediate; Be it Medical Marketing for Dermatologists that India already has, or Hospital Advertisement in India, if you are in search of all of these 4 qualities, then ‘advertisement’ is the word for you. Advertisement by dermatologists in India is something that has flooded the internet. Why do so many doctors actively use ad campaigns and you too should? Here are the reasons-

  • Ads can be powerful if designed with proper information and updates.
  • People can instantly call or text you just after seeing the ad.
  • People can scan or copy a link from your ad and there opens a vast space like the ocean for them, you can show as much information as you want, you can make them fill forms or select options, just from a SINGLE AD.
  • Ads are open to the entire world, so you have got a vast audience who can respond to your ad. Could you think of doing it with only a word of mouth in your limited region!
  • As ads are open to the public, people think of them as a genuine, reliable source to respond to. Your trustfulness with reliable source to respond to. Your trustfulness with your patient begins from here itself.

3. Utilize WhatsApp/SMS & Email Marketing at its best:

In today’s world, our morning happens after checking the inbox of arrived text messages, and if they receive a message containing health tips and further information, what could’ve been better than that. It’s easy to read and people respond to it more often than anything. A call button or a link with the message sent shall do wonders. Email, with a mandatory official requirement, nowadays has a great potential to bring in patients. A nicely written email with an apt subject line shall make people act instantly. As texts and emails are sent to specific people who are in need of the service, the chances to get responses are absolute and magical. Nothing can be more magical than getting responses just by sending a SINGLE MESSAGE through a SINGLE CLICK.

4. Get to the top of search results with Search Engine Optimization SEO:

When you search for something on the internet, the instant answer you get is the best answer for that segment. Google, the master of masters, workday long searching and scanning things from websites across the web, and churns out the best answer to a particular query. If you think of bringing yourself to the top of the search results, then there is nothing more helpful than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having finely created content with adequate information can easily bring you to the TOP. Why wait and let others enjoy the peak? Let’s start the climb together.

5. Start documenting your ideas using Blog:

A classic content for your precious website. People who come to know about you and your diagnostics shall find your writings very helpful and informative. A small blog for a certain disease, or a certain tip or suggestion to prevent a disease shall make your patients confident about you and your services. Even SEO will notice and show your blog content as a search result, with progressing time, on the TOP. So, waiting for what? Have some good ideas? We have got the KEY-Board.

6. Use Video Marketing for Dermatologists to make them see your ideas:

A piece of information, with essential images and equivalent video clips, merged with nicely presented texts shall make an ideal video. Nowadays videos in social media, be it a long informative video, or a 30-second status; attracts enough eyes and transmit adequate information through it. A simple and fast way to connect with your patients, and directly communicate with them; there is nothing more immediate than a video to reach the masses. Let’s then
have our time spent on creating some wonderful videos for you!

7. Use Google My Business to create your online presence:

You are already having a perfect online presence that needs to be noted by Google; Then why wait for people to address it, let’s list your Business in Google My Business and reach to the people ourselves. Some nice patient reviews to rely on and your own online presence on several platforms, let’s complete the Google My Business step and watch your business blossom by passing time.

8. Let the Patients have an absolute experience:

With a- multipurpose website containing tons of information, social media presence to attract people, ads to speak for you, blogs to let people read you, videos to let people see and hear you, and WhatsApp & Email/SMS marketing to let people know your services; you have got a perfect setting to address the whole internet. As all of these are well connected with each other, there are very less chances that people might miss out of any one of these. By providing them absolute information in every way possible, there goes your final step to address the incoming patients who are well aware of your online presence and just wants you to treat them. Let’s gear up to address them in the best way possible!


The steps from ‘Social Networking Sites’ to ‘Advertisement’ to ‘WhatsApp Marketing, SMS & Email Marketing’ to ‘Creating your Own Website’ is enhancing and you shall reap the benefits of each and every step as you progress. Be it Digital marketing strategies for hospitals in India, or digital marketing strategies for dermatologists, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, or other big cities are running on with; The efficient, utilizing, and valuable way of marketing is achieved when all the above steps work together. Different steps work with different areas of marketing and when combined altogether, form the true sense of digital marketing. With the boom of the internet and technology, spending long hours of thinking to indulge in the process is needless. Be it the innumerable responses from people or the several confirmations of the appointments online, when you start to see the magic happen, you shall never return to those days of depending upon patients, your dependence shall only be upon YOU!

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