You are currently viewing Top 10 Approved SEO Tricks And Strategies To Rank Your Website Higher
Top 10 Approved SEO Tricks And Strategies To Rank Your Website Higher

Top 10 Approved SEO Tricks And Strategies To Rank Your Website Higher

Top 10 Approved SEO Tricks And Strategies To Rank Your Website Higher

In today’s world website are the first priorities to start any business or provide self-thoughts, people use websites to publish their thoughts and tries to attract visitors.

Making a good website with good content is a not enough now a day to attract visitors and rank on Google or other search engines, it is not that good content doesn’t play any role in ranking but to rank on Google we need to learn some SEO tricks which can help us to rank good on Google search

Ranking on Google is quite difficult now a day. The scenario was not such few years back but more the internet and websites getting popular more it’s getting hard to rank good on Google.

Therefore in this blog we bring top ten approved SEO tricks and strategies to rank your website higher by putting some efforts.

1.) Publish Blog Posts Smartly and Regularly –

As bloggers, we all have different skills, personalities, and constraints on our time and energy. Don’t force yourself to stick to someone else’s blogging routine—it won’t necessarily work well for you.

Your perfect blogging routine might be one post a week, or one post a day. It might involve writing posts when you’re feeling inspired, or writing posts to a set schedule. You might use a content calendar to help you plan ahead with all or some of your content—or you might have differently themed posts on certain days of the week or month.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to blogging, and what’s important is that you find a routine that you can stick to over the long term—not one that leaves you burnt out after a few weeks.

Don’t worry that readers will get upset if you change your posting frequency. I’ve chopped and changed on different blogs—and I’ve never had a reader complain that they wanted five posts a week, not three, or that they wanted my posts to be on Mondays and Thursdays, not Tuesdays and Fridays.

When you’re experimenting with your blogging routine:

  • Don’t change things too abruptly: try going from five posts per week to three posts per week, for instance.
  • Consider surveying your readers to find out whether they’d like more or fewer posts.
  • Experiment with writing posts ahead of time, or with creating a content calendar.

Blogging shouldn’t be a chore: if posting daily isn’t working out for you, it’s probably not working well for your readers either. Today, take a look at your blogging routine and see whether you want to make any changes—and leave a comment below to let us know what you decide.

Content will always be the king for SEO Campaign in the coming years. SEO content marketing should be incorporated as your main SEO strategy for website. Information sharing helps your users get familiar about your brand, a concept, products and services and about the changing trends in the industry. Updating your website with fresh content also gives you an opportunity to focus on more relevant keywords for optimization.

2.) Improve Your On-Page Website Structure –

Index ability of your website should be the main criteria of optimizing your website for search engines. If a search engine bot or search engine crawler is unable to crawl through your website, then there is no point in running your website. Because Google cannot send their representative to many website owners to check if their website structure exists or otherwise.

3.) Put as much On-Page Content –

As you are all aware, adding a sizable amount of On-Page content on your home page and product pages with the primary keywords and LSI keywords ensures that your website ranks in Google search engine after a month of your SEO campaign.

Be it a small business website or a new start-up, it is necessary to add 4 to 5 paragraph of description about your brand with 5 relevant keywords. Similarly, you need to do the same for your product and service pages. It is important to note that using primary keyword only for Title Tag and Meta Description alone won’t guarantee top keyword ranking position. It is also equally important for you to add the same along with other LSI keywords in your On-Page content.

4.) Optimize for Huge Lists of Keywords –

For any type of websites in various categories, it is more than helpful to focus on numerous numbers of relevant keywords that does help improve your website rankings. As a webmaster, you should not look at the cost factor and go for only a small number of keywords because you are giving a little amount of chance for your website to rank well for the keywords.

One thing you should also remember that there are many other competitors optimizing for the same keywords. So there may be chance of seeing your website ranking dip. In order to avoid that situation, you should optimize for more than 50 keywords. So that you at least ensure that your website ranks for many other top keywords and also the website traffic flow remains steady and increasing every month.

Apart from the primary keywords, LSI Keywords also plays a major role in improving your website ranking. Google tracks the relevance of your website to synonym keywords and if it matches the user’s intent then it benefits your website SEO big time.

5.) Doing Comprehensive Competitor Analysis –

Your SEO Campaign does not start and end with only your website optimization alone. It should extend to a comprehensive competitor analysis. You might be under the impression that focusing hard on the keyword targeting and backlinks should be sufficient for your website ranking to improve and organic traffic to increase every month.

But that is not how it works. Your competitor’s website might have different UI that provides much better user experience. As a result, they might spend more time browsing through you competitor’s website than that of yours.

So you should analyse your main competitor’s website and see how you can improvise on special add-ons to your website rather than duplicate the entire features in your website. That would create issues for your website. One way of doing the competitor analysis is by checking who among your competitors are presently ranking above you for all the important keywords. Accordingly, pick out the best ideas that can be implemented by your resources.

6.) Use  Rich Snippets –

Rich Snippets are now considered to be a potent component for your SEO campaign. Whenever a user types in a query, a list of websites come up that matches the query. Out of which for some of them there will be a structured data markup emerging that shows different pages that exist in your website. This type of Rich Snippets gives a ‘Sneak Preview’ about your website. Implementing this SEO marketing strategy helps your website achieve higher CTR, attract more user’s attention to your website than that of your competitors and these amazing results might satisfy your user’s intent.

 Rich Snippet is useful for e-commerce, real estate, educational training and multi-product and service websites of both B2B and B2C categories. It benefits these websites in increasing the user engagement and create a potential chance of seeing more conversions. This also helps improve the SEO benefits as the product information are highlighted on the SERP itself.

7.) Digital  Marketing –

 Digital Marketing is an important platform to get more visitors to your website. Like Quora Q&A forum has a good DA that Google lists out any link matching a particular keyword in top 10 positions in their SERP. You should remember to use this platform not for website promotion reason. Instead, you should be a problem solver by answering to the query posted by a Quora participant and provide a link to your website or to a blog post to provide additional information to the people involved in that discussion.

8.) Use Local SEO –

In the modern SEO world, most of the experts advocate that Local SEO is one of the main contributing factors for your website optimization. If you have a website and the business caters to the Target Audience confined to a particular location only, then you should focus your SEO campaign to that location alone. That means the keywords, blog posts, on-page content, title tags, meta description and URL should all be localized.

From blog content point of view, it is imperative that the content is local as different locations present different business opportunities, tastes and preferences.

This SEO approach is most applicable for websites that are in Hospitality, Travel Management, and B2B sector.

9.) Blog Amplification –

Once you publish a business blog in your website, it doesn’t end there. The process needs to be carried further by promoting your blog posts in social media platforms, email marketing, social bookmarking and influencer marketing. This SEO activity ensures that the word spreads and it expands the reach to a wider audience.

10.) Create New Landing Pages –

If you are offering multiple products or services, then you need to create more landing pages. As per SEO best practices, the code-to-text ratio is an important factor in getting your website on top of search rankings in Google. 24% is the acceptable number.

In order to achieve that you should create new landing pages with unique content talking about the product and about your brand in detail. This creates an opportunity for you to target more keywords, increase the number of internal links and helps to increase the website traffic organically.

In conclusion, all of the above-mentioned SEO marketing strategies are some of the best practices for getting your website doing well in Google by seeing more keywords rank in 1st page, see high-quality relevant traffic and in all see your business grow big.

You can use different Google tools such as Google search console, Google analytic and etc to check the health of your site. These Google tools gives you analytical data about your pages, posts and contents via which you can get the impression of your visitor, how many click you received and what is your bounce rate. This information can be taken as a report of your work and can solve the problems which are coming in the path of attracting your visitors.

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