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Don’t Have Any Products? Still, You Can Start Your eCommerce Business!

Don’t Have Any Products? Still, You Can Start Your eCommerce Business!

The online shopping growth in India is fueled by mCommerce, a continuous rise in the region’s digital shoppers, and fresh efforts from key players. Like starting any other business, understanding how to set up an online business isn’t always simple, however, setting up, launching, and managing websites for designers, entrepreneurs, and other creators can sell their goods are easier than ever before.

E-commerce businesses which are firms that transfer products or services and money through the internet differ in terms of dimensions and scope, ranging from the giants of retail such as Amazon to Etsy websites for crafts. In terms of online shopping growth in India has experienced a massive upswing in the last five years. According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau In the third quarter alone, U.S. e-commerce sales were estimated at $154.5 billion, representing 11.2 percent of retail sales across the country.

If you opt for a cloud-based platform for eCommerce, like VARStreet, or Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, you can quickly open an online store with any items in your possession.

This eCommerce platform allows you to begin an online dropshipping business quickly. It is linked to an array of companies that offer top dropshipping services. This is also the reason for the growth of eCommerce in India.

What exactly is Dropshipping?

You don’t wish to own inventory, but you would like to start your own online store. Right? The only thing you have to do is to adopt the dropshipping model of business. As a reseller, you don’t have to maintain an inventory of the products you’re selling. The reseller is responsible for managing inventory and the fulfillment of orders.

After a product has been ordered through your online store, all you need to do is give the delivery address, along with the product’s details and purchase day to your vendor. The seller will pack and deliver the item on your behalf.

One of the major benefits of dropping shipping is the fact that you do not need to manage inventory or the infrastructure that goes with it, like a warehouse. Send your order to your supplier, and the rest will be taken into consideration.

The lower cost of starting up is a significant benefit because you do not have to invest money to buy inventory ahead of time.


The key to success

The most important thing to do in the dropshipping industry is to locate reliable dropshipping companies that offer top-quality products and can fulfill orders in time. Picking out notorious suppliers for their late delivery times or defective products can damage your business.

The e-commerce platform is integrated with the top respected suppliers and manufacturers of the office and IT supplies market. You can purchase items from top suppliers such as Ingram Micro, Synnex, Tech Data ScanSource, and D&H Distributing, as well as companies such as Dell, Zebra, and Cisco.

You can sell their products and not have to stock their inventory. They provide solid dropshipping solutions that you can count on. There is a broad selection of items to pick from without worrying about the storage of inventory or the shipment of orders.

Dropshipping companies provide a tracking number with each order, meaning your customers are able to see real-time delivery updates from the shipping company.

After you have created your account at the provider, you are able to quickly access the catalog of its products through the eCommerce platform. If the provider changes the price of a product or its inventory the information is automatically incorporated into the eCommerce application.

Built-in Features

The eCommerce platform is equipped with numerous options that make it even simple to set up and begin your dropshipping company. The platform is already in sync with freight companies as well as payment gateways, which allows your customers to pay online. It is also possible to set up discount coupons and enable the feature of recovering abandoned carts to increase the efficiency of your business.

The Final Line

There’s no denying the fact that there are various reasons for the growth of eCommerce in India. In addition, there are many advantages of starting an eCommerce company instead of a brick-and-mortar one. The cost of the initial investment is smaller, you can start either small or big as well as your store is able to be open 24 hours and seven days a week and serve customers across the nation (or around the globe in the event that you’re willing to deliver that far). It’s also easier and less expensive to expand operations in the event of need which makes the decision to start an online business much more appealing to those who want to become entrepreneurs.

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