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SEO – Find Out If It Is A Good Career Choice In 2023

Is SEO A Good Career Choice In 2023?

Absolutely!! SEO is still an awesome career choice in 2023, as it gives you exposure to multiple opportunities. You can take up an SEO Executive Job, you can do freelance SEO work, or even you can start your full-time SEO business with your own website.

If you are exploring SEO career opportunities then keep reading this article by Saikat Chatterjee, renowned SEO Strategist, and Web Entrepreneur.

First, you need to understand what is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  In short, SEO is a process to optimize websites, blogs, content, or applications to increase and improve visibility in Search Results of Search Engines.

All SEO techniques are practiced focusing mainly on Google search results as Google is the most popular and biggest search engine among others.

Nowadays we are seeing a growing demand for SEO Specialists who know how to make a website ready not only for Google but as well as YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. YouTube presently is the biggest video search engine with an endless content library, and on the other hand, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce search engine worldwide.

How Big is the SEO Industry

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started affecting the world, Business Research Company Borrell Associates predicted that the SEO Industry will see a phenomenal growth of beyond $80 billion per year.

The well-known Business Research Company then adjusted this predicted figure in accordance with the impact of COVID-19 on Global Industry. Borrell Associates believe that “The world market will recover as it does every time after any big calamity and will grow at a CAGR of 19% from 2021 and will touch $77.6 billion in 2023.”

The average salary of an SEO Executive in India. Know about your Income Potential in the SEO Industry.

Practically there is no limit as such. The money you can make in the SEO industry entirely depends upon the path you are willing to take. As always the safest path is to get hired as an SEO Executive to any Digital Marketing Agency in India and in 2023 you can make 10k to 15k on average as the salary of an SEO executive in India (Junior Level). Worldwide according to websites like Glassdoor, an SEO specialist makes nearly $40K per year on average depending upon the seniority. The position of “SEO Executive In India” is considered to be entry-level. In most cases, an SEO Executive is given the responsibility for 1 to 5 SEO Campaigns at a time.

SEO managers In India are responsible for leading a team of SEO Executives. SEO Managers in India generally earn anywhere between 35K to 50K depending on a few parameters like the size of the team they lead, Project Success, and Clients ROI, to name a few.

That was the easy route. Now you can take up the harder route by starting your own SEO agency in India. In this way, you can generate your income in the SEO industry by executing SEO Campaigns for Clients directly. To be precise, Small Businesses owners in India will give you SEO assignments and will pay you accordingly to improve the visibility of their business on the web and increase organic traffic to their websites.

The final way that most freelancers prefer to earn money in SEO Industry in India is by building their own website and growing organic traffic by using their SEO skills.

Once you get the traffic you can monetize the website through Advertisement Networks, Affiliate Programs, or even directly selling your own products.

Now the well-known truth is that people who make the most money in the SEO Industry in India mainly target the latter two options.

So as a whole SEO is still a GREAT Career option in 2023!

SEO as a skill is extremely valuable because

  • Earning potential is limitless
  • Every business can benefit from it so the work is also available
  • Budget is not a constraint in SEO projects as there is a scope of work for every budget
  • You can really “Make Money While Sleeping” in SEO Industry

The possibilities are endless, and the earning potential is also limitless when you focus to build a career in SEO Industry In India, but the primary need is to know all aspects of SEO and keep yourself updated with the latest techniques as the Industry changes very fast and competition is very high.

For all this, the thing you need first is a good personal SEO trainer in India, who can guide you through the complex world of Search Engine Optimization.

If you are determined to dip your toes into SEO Industry you must learn to master the art from the master himself. Renowned SEO Expert and Strategist Mr. Saikat Chatterjee, who is catering to his Global Clientele with expertise for the last 15 years, now sharing his knowledge and experience exclusively with you. Through his brainchild BTN Academy, he is offering an Industry ready Online SEO Course in India designed exclusively for SEO career aspirants in India.

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Saikat Chatterjee

Mr. Saikat Chatterjee is the Founder & CEO at BTN Infosolution - an affordable Digital Marketing Company from Kolkata, India. He is a Serial Web Entrepreneur, Web Strategist & Internet Marketing Consultant. Saikat helps other traditional as well as web businesses by offering suitable solutions to transform or enhance their online presence, which often converts to new leads or business prospects relevant to their business domain. With 15+ years of extensive domain expertise he is acting as Web Marketing consultant to 20+ well know business groups from India as well as abroad. An avid learner and a powerful speaker, who is always busy in upgrading knowledgebase, Saikat never hesitates to take a call, even from where others failed miserably. Get in touch with him on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

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