You are currently viewing Check The Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Be The Best Marketing In India

Check The Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Be The Best Marketing In India

Check The Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Be The Best Marketing In India

Any marketing business requires one most important thing and that is its Clients or customer. And India has a population strength of nearly 130cr out of which according to a recent survey 46% population uses the internet, this is a very short reason why digital marketing is and will have great progress in India.

Talking about experts say that this percentage of internet users in the January 2018 survey will reach up to 58% by the end of 2019 which will definitely show its effect on Digital marketing. And this will happen because of some factors which we are going to discuss.

  • first of all the Digital India Campaign sponsored by our Indian government to encourage the Indian population to use more digitized ways it makes our speed faster and a progressive one
  • and arrival of some new Network providers due to which the price of the internet got too low to fit in the budget of common middle-class people

In India people’s life has dramatically changed within a single year because people are getting new and better information that too within seconds.

In a word, we can say that India is under an Internet Revolution in which people have accepted Internet so much that they start their day with the Internet and ends it too with Internet only

In the field of Marketing Business, there is a very famous proverb, “Be there where your customers are” and in today’s India our customers are on Internet, Facebook, YouTube and etc. which proverb that our customers or our clients are living a digital life.

  • Now the question comes to us that is we and our business adopted this digital life or are ready to accept it?
  • Are you trying to learn how to implement this Digital model in your business?

If your answer is yes then you are on a most profitable path in the nearest future but if no… then you must understand Digital Marketing is such a subject that is getting popular day by day.

Digital Marketing has provided numerous numbers of jobs and opportunities and has also provided a huge boost to the business associated with it. By promoting the business and providing good publicity to the companies with a wage minimum amount

Digital Marketing is a vast subject that includes a huge number of services like

Today every Indian Business companies require Digital Marketing not to get a lead but to be in the competition and as a necessity. In 2017 seven thousand crores was the total revenue generated by this Digital Marketing sector.

Even the smallest business in India is trying to digitize themselves according to their capacity and level. And this is merely just a start in the upcoming there will be future there will be a panel of research on this topic of DIGITAL MARKETING

Where the price of traditional marketing and advertisement will get lower and Digital Marketing will be gaining huge hikes

There if you want to learn digital marketing, get a job in this field, or want your business to get international recognition there is no need to give second thought grab your chance whether you be with it or not it is the future of India.

Saikat Chatterjee

Mr. Saikat Chatterjee is the Founder & CEO at BTN Infosolution - an affordable Digital Marketing Company from Kolkata, India. He is a Serial Web Entrepreneur, Web Strategist & Internet Marketing Consultant. Saikat helps other traditional as well as web businesses by offering suitable solutions to transform or enhance their online presence, which often converts to new leads or business prospects relevant to their business domain. With 15+ years of extensive domain expertise he is acting as Web Marketing consultant to 20+ well know business groups from India as well as abroad. An avid learner and a powerful speaker, who is always busy in upgrading knowledgebase, Saikat never hesitates to take a call, even from where others failed miserably. Get in touch with him on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

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