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Search Engine Optimization is a procedure of diverting visitors toward a website. It’s an excellent way of winning new clients. To divert new clients to a website we provide SEO in a one-of-a-kind way and skilfully. While designing a website BTN Infosolution is mindful of the fact that the tactics of SEO would ensure that our clients are able to attain their business target, reach prospective customers from a specific industry or socio-economic background. The web pages of our clients are optimized with keywords so as to enrich the content. We employ scientific keyword research to design our client’s website and white hat techniques are implemented. In the context of modern business strategy, communication plays a vital role. Hence, the queries that we typically have for customers are

  1. Whether or not there are a huge number of visitors to the site
  2. For how long do visitors remain on the site
  3. Are visitors converted to leads

The services that we provide are:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Title Tag Optimization
  3. Meta Tag Creation & Optimization
  4. Header Tag Optimization
  5. Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  6. HTML Sitemap Creation
  7. Analytics Setup Robots.txt Optimization
  8. Blog Optimization with WordPress
    1. Business Listing
    2. Guaranteed indexing of websites with keywords in major search engines
    3. Manual Directory Submissions
    4. Classified Ad Posting for Products
    5. Link Building
    6. Social Media Optimization
    7. Content Marketing
  9. Map creation and posting on Google and Yahoo
  10. Updating pages for local search customer review submission

Search engine optimization techniques improve and promote a website with the objective of increasing the number of visitors the site gets from search engines. There are several aspects of SEO, from content to backlinking. Often SEO is simply a matter of ensuring that the structure of a site is such that, it’s understandable for search engines. SEO simply isn’t about building websites that are search engine friendly. It’s about making a site user-friendly as well.

Search Engine Optimization

The majority of web traffic is guided by the major commercial search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Social media is a means of diverting traffic to a website as well. On the internet search engines are used as the primary means of navigation regardless of what the site provides; content, services, products, information, or just about anything.

Search engines are unique as they provide target traffic, in other words, people looking for what is being offered. Search engine is the path that enables traffic to a website. If search engines cannot find a site, or aren’t able to include content in the backend databases, then the all-important scope of diverting traffic to a site is missed.

Search queries are words and phrases that a user would type into the search box and that have immense value. Search engine traffic is extremely vital as it could either create or destroy the prospect of success of an organization.  Targeting traffic to a website has the potential to render publicity, revenue, and exposure unlike any other medium of digital marketing. An investment in SEO could have an exceptional rate of return in comparison with other forms of marketing, promotion and ultimately sales.

Undoubtedly search engines are brainy, but human intervention is still needed. The major search engines namely Google, Yahoo, and Bing strive toward the improvement of technology so that the web can be scanned thoroughly and the search engine results page returns results that are useful for users. However, search engines no matter how robust they may do have operational limitations.

Ethical SEO practices could end up in the horde of traffic diverted to a site which is an indication of how much attention the site has been able to grab. However, any unethical SEO practice could severely damage the ranking of a site resulting in minimal visibility.

Furthermore, to search engines finding content, sites aspire and vie for the first page or even better, top of page ranking on the search engine results page of all the major search engines. With increasing competitiveness of the internet, those companies who get SEO done would have an advantage in terms of traffic to their sites.

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