Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a procedure of diverting visitors toward a website. It’s an excellent way of winning new clients. To divert new clients to a website we provide SEO in a one-of-a-kind way and skilfully. While designing a website BTN Infosolution is mindful of the fact that the tactics of SEO would ensure that our clients are able to attain their business target, reach prospective customers from a specific industry or socio-economic background. The web pages of our clients are optimized with keywords so as to enrich the content. We employ scientific keyword research to design our client’s website and white hat techniques are implemented. In the context of modern business strategy, communication plays a vital role. Hence, the queries that we typically have for customers are

  • Whether or not there are a huge number of visitors to the site
  • For how long do visitors remain on the site
  • Are visitors converted to leads

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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization or search marketing optimization is the new and emerging concept in online marketing. It’s a perfect synergy between search engine optimization and social media optimization. In this day and age of the internet, a business ought to address and attend to the vital and critical issues that pertain to visibility of and interaction with customers online through SMO.

If used effectively and to one’s advantage, social media could turn out to be a boon in terms of improvement of a site’s search results organically. Establishing connections and thereby building a network on online forums would benefit any business. There would be increased visibility which would translate to opportunities of people linking to a site’s landing or home page increasing exponentially. Social media optimization connects all social media accounts comprehensively in networks with consistent branding. Hence potential customers have a notion as to which direction they ought to be headed.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process of sending messages having commercial value to many people using Email. Email is a very cost effective medium to reach thousands of people on a go. We regularly receive many emails in Inbox and some reaches to spam folder. Some we read carefully and some we just select and delete. BTN Infosolution strives to provide complete email marketing solution for its clients.

Email marketing strategy essentially is a procedure of sending mass commercial messages using email. Benefits of email marketing are that it’s extremely cost-effective means of reaching the teeming millions with just a click of a button. Inbox is often filled with huge volume of emails and some emails get into the spam folder. Some of the emails are read and some aren’t and therefore selected and deleted. BTN Infosolution strives to provide 360 degree email marketing solution for its clients.

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Bulk SMS Marketing

BTN Infosolution intends to introduce to its clients their offering of bulk SMS marketing services through which clients would be able to diversify their businesses throughout India. The purpose of our SMS marketing service is to provide information in relation to news, promotions, or activities, from our client’s businesses directly targeting their customers.

With regard to bulk SMS benefits are many. It’s a huge cost saving for our clients as advertising costs are greatly reduced and marketing plans enhanced through our efficient and productive system. For growth and enhancement of business and increased opportunities, our bulk sms service is appropriate for our clients in reaching their goals and objectives successfully.