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BTN Infosolution is the newest generation of digital marketing company in Kolkata providing effective business solution to small and medium size organizations. Our core function is to leverage and augmentation of areas of specialisation of these organizations. We pride ourselves in being able to provide viable solutions as to how technology could be used effectively to integrate and streamline functions that would aid and abet growth, productivity and efficiency in an organization. We have successfully exceeded customer expectations in each and every facet of our client engagements. There is a synergy between technical capabilities along with the ability to execute a project without exceeding preset budget and timeline.

Our Mission

We are striving to create a team of information technology professionals, who have the expertise and are indeed adept in the delivery of integrated and streamlined applications within budgetary allocations and time. Naturally our customers are delighted with our consistent high performance.

Our Vision

As an organisation, we will not leave any stone unturned and do whatever it takes to earn the reputation of being reliable with our timely and flawless delivery. We also intend that we are known far and wide as one of the very few organisations providing services and apt solution in relation to digital marketing in India. Through our service offering small and medium size organizations would be able to leverage and enhance the potential of information technology.
At BTN Infosolution we have been developing and providing robust web solutions through which businesses evolve and transform into online management tools. Whether it’s a start-up or an existing business, we assist our clients in transforming their presence on the web.
The transformation process involves creating competitive advantages through e-strategy, development, rapid deployment, and continuous management. We are a solution provider with a difference in the sense that we are proactive and, therefore, unique in the solutions that we provide to our clients. We have been able to earn the faith and trust of our customers in all aspects of our engagements over the years and needless to mention our customers are satisfied.
We have crossed many milestones through our long journey and as a company have acquired the potential to provide an all encompassing quality service. BTN Infosolution believes in innovation which is palpable in each and every minute detail of our client engagements.
Throughout our journey, we have been steadfast in ensuring that our delivery is flawless beyond compare and is in a timely manner. We can read the minds of our customers which we have learnt through many years of experience. To achieve client satisfaction knowing and being able to pinpoint requirement is the vital step in delivering what the customer wants. Most of our clients expect that we understand what they are trying to convey even without much being said, and we excel at that. We believe we are on the right path to crossing many more milestones as we continue on our journey to provide innovative and quality service to our customers.