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In this day and age where the pace of life is faster, the advent of social networking sites is a blessing. It’s unimaginable these days keeping in touch without any sort of social media. Social networking pervades each and every aspect of our daily living. The bond among people is possible because of social networking sites.

Digital marketing therefore is the means of building brand value or the value of a global product through promotional advertisements utilizing the immense popularity and power of social networking sites. BTN Infosolution is a digital marketing company which would be viable as its solutions are cost-effective.

We are a provider of online marketing service globally through proper business planning and strategies to divert traffic to our client’s sites thereby converting visitors to buyers. A huge increase in sales would be possible once our client’s sites secure a first page ranking on the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

As a result there would be an enormous number of web hits. The fact that internet marketing is cost effective and also the fact that it’s easily measurable in comparison with traditional advertising and marketing is what is unique about digital marketing. Online marketing is effective for small and medium entrepreneur.

We have the expertise to successfully achieve conversion rate optimization for the websites of our clients. The products or services of our clients are held in high esteem and therefore we leave no stone unturned to ensure that they are represented with aesthetic sense.

To create mass appeal of our client’s products or services, our professional team are motivated to understand the goals and objectives of our clients and offer flexible solutions. Preset client targets are analyzed from a technical viewpoint first and then measured, refined and enhanced.

Websites that we develop run on any handheld device; tablet, mobile for example and other handheld devices as well. BTN Infosolution has been providing responsive website design service along with on page optimization free of cost.

Digital Marketing is a trendsetter in the sense that it has shown the way to higher rate of return on investment by being cost effective. The emerging high speed wireless network technologies and with the advent and a literal deluge of mobile smart phones, the advertising industry globally is increasingly interested in exploring the potential of this medium as a vehicle for advertising and marketing.

BTN Infosolution is a cost effective digital marketing company in Kolkata, providing internet marketing services as follows.

SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process to drive visitors toward a website and it’s an excellent way to make new clients. To draw new clients to your website we provide SEO in an out of box and brilliant way. When we design a website we always keep in mind the magic of SEO which assures your business target, prospected visitors, industry specific and socio-economic ground. We maximize your page relevant by mobilizing both keywords and tempting content. Today’s business strategy is based on communication. There are millions websites are reflected on net. But we design your website using scientific keyword research and white hat technique.

Mobile Marketing

BTN Infosolution is a mobile marketing company in kolkata

Nowadays mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing fields of digital marketing campaign. In India more than 60% people use mobile phones and the number is growing every single minute. Bulk SMS service is one of a kind of service with which you can reach to these huge number of people.You can business and market any product or service with the medium of bulk SMS. Through bulk SMS you can aware your clients for your latest offers, new products, latest pricing updates. We provide affordable and reliable bulk SMS service anywhere in India. This service is aimed at generating consistent leads to our clients.Being a provider of bulk SMS service in India we maintain TRAI guidelines.