A software solution (LIS) to automate your Diagnostic Laboratory

LabExpert – A software solution to manage all the information of your laboratory and generates proper presentation of accurate data within a small time span. This Diagnostic Laboratory Management System Software allows you to make entry of Patient’s Test Value and get Test Reports for the Patient. Small scale Accounting could also be maintained by which the Billing of patients & the IP of Doctors and  referral Partners can be automatically calculated. Lab-Expert fulfills nearly entire needs and requirements of small to Big Diagnostic Laboratories.

Key Features Of LIS

  • Ready data for Investigation Parameters
  • User defined customized Reporting
  • Multiple Rate Concept
  • Cash & Credit Billing facility
  • Referral IP Calculation & payment with Ledger
  • Inhouse Doctor’s Remuneration
  • Collection of samples with worksheet generation
  • Rate Estimation
  • Outsourced Investigation Management
  • Manage Sales Executive
  • Reagent & Age/Sex wise reference Range
  • Manage Home Collection(s)


  • Scheduler For CT & MRI
  • Digital Signature of Doctor’s
  • Based on Barcode
  • Automation with Analyzers
  • Investigation Data Graph
  • Email Reports
  • Transanctional SMS
  • Web portal with LIS integration
  • Histogram of Investigation Parameters

MIS Reports at a glance

GET better report than any other software in the market
  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Income Expense Report
  • Referals’s IP
  • Business Analysis
  • Investigation Summary
  • Accession Register
  • Accession Check List
  • Collection Register
  • Due Register
  • Discount Register
  • Refund Register
  • Collector’s Register
  • Invoice Register
  • Master Lists
  • Price List
  • Log files
  • Employee Performance Report
  • Report Delivery Register
  • Stock Report
  • Patient Feed back Register

Functional Modules

Manage Test module allows you to manage Test parameters. You can create or modify any Test in your choice; can set their rates, their reference ranges, methods, Type of samples, performing equipment’s and many more with an easy way. Through this system you can manage any kind of pathological & non pathological tests.

You can manage the investigations prescribed by the doctor to the patients into your diagnostic laboratory. After performing diagnostic Tests, You can manage the entire investigative data of any patient in this system along with their attachments,graphs, prescriptions etc. Accounts Management section provides you the facility to wrap up the accounts of the Diagnostic lab under one module. You can manage the income and expenses of the Lab through this module.

Here comes the billing of patients. Bills can be prepared for new patient or existing patients. A simple GUI will guide you to enter the patient detail, test detail and monitory detail. Invoice & Money Receipts can be taken as printout.

After billing this module allows you to enter the sample collection information data like collector name, samples, collection time etc. and against that data a worksheet for Lab Technicians can be prepared. Samples and worksheet are then sent to the Technician for further processing

When tests are done by equipment, technicians feed the data into the worksheet and send it to operators for preparation of test report or can prepare the Test Report by himself.

This system allows you to maintain Doctor’s Digital Signature and display it in Test reports after the approval of investigative data by the pathologists or the respective doctors.

After accession of patient new barcode can be generated. Entire software can be operated using that barcode. For searching patient data,integration with analyzers, kiosk management etc. This barcode mechanism makes the system easy and robust.

This module has been designed to manage the
scheduled appointments booked from patients for
home collection, MRI & CT scan , Report home
delivery etc. Scheduled appointments can be notified by SMS/Email for the respective authorities.

Through this module one can get printout of reports or can get any necessary information by himself using Kiosk. The major benefits of self operating kiosk are, 

  • Report paper wastage will be reduced.
  • Less manpower can handle the lab easily.

This module is to manage your OPD/Daycare
patients. You can create the Consultant doctor’s
time table for patient visit, generation of prescription for that Consultant, OPD fees collection and Receipt generation etc.

Inventory Management module allows you to manage the inventory of the reagaents used in the Laboratory. You can keep a record of purchases i.e.,Stock In and automatic Stock Out when tests were performed along with wastage /control/ calibration data.

This System can be integrated with Analyzer
machines in uni or bi directional mode based on
Analyzer’s specification. A barcode based
mechanism is followed. System will generate
barcode for Samples, then samples with barcode will be put on machines, then machine will fetch the tests from System and after completion of tests, results will be sent automatically.
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