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eLab – Pathology Lab Test Reporting Software

eLab – Pathology Lab Test Reporting Software gives pathology labs the most adaptable data module that is particularly used to disperse and record the data comparing to all the test performed in the laboratory. Pathology lab software is particularly incorporated to centralize whole database and modules of clinics,  medical laboratories, diagnostic centers, pathological laboratories in a solitary brought together interface. Data identified with billing of tests, pre-booking, reports delivery and numerous more can be effectively gotten to and kept up through this framework.

Favorable position of utilizing this lab management software or pathology lab reporting software is that billing of numerous types, report generation and printing is conceivable inside of few moments having no chance of flaws or errors. It makes the procedure of record-keeping basic, more efficient and more exact for patients. These solutions are significant to convey savvy, efficient and high quality medicinal services solutions to all bureaus of healing facility. It helps the medical administrators and professionals to deliver high levels of proficiency, exactness and professionalism in their work.

eLab is one of the best web based Diagnostic Center Management Software in India. It is also a Referral Laboratory Software. It is designed in franchise based model as well as stand alone model. It may be used as diagnostic center billing software. It is fully tested best pathology laboratory software. It makes your life easier with its features report generation, commission chart preparation etc. You may work on it with any device like Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop since it is browser based software.

Features of eLab Software

  1. Uniform reports can be seen without changing time
  2. Pre configured more than 100 tests
  3. Auto distinct value load for every value parameter
  4. Separate database for the commission of doctors, technicians and franchises
  5. Centralized management of Multiple Branch or Franchise
  6. Patients can individually register
  7. Online money receipt facilities
  8. Maintains Unique ID of a patient for his/her periodic cumulative report
  9. Referring Doctor Master with commission specification
  10. .net technology
  11. SQL for robust database
  12. Both web and windows version of the software is available
  13. User Privilege Management to prevent unauthorized viewing
  14. Pathology lab franchise management with setting Credit Limit and part payment
  15. Branch Laboratory reagent management and procurement management
  16. Pending Bill Management
  17. Inventory for keeping record on everything required to perform a test which includes the effective cost of chemical to the number of materials left after performing a test
  18. Barcode is implemented for sample entry and sample received.


  1. Powerful search simply applied by entering unique patient ID, record ID and name of the patient with specified dates
  2. Extensive customer and franchise record keeping
  3. Email / SMS of patient reports
  4. Excellent invoicing and billing facilitiesReferral Lab software, eLab Pathology Lab Test Reporting Software, diagnostic center management software, diagnostic center billing software, Lab Reporting Software, Referral Laboratory Software, pathology lab software free download
  5. Auto Load and View of Default Test Results
  6. A complete customizable solution
  7. Unlimited users can access at a time
  8. Reliable and easy to use software
  9. Input Complicated test formats like wide in a single click
  10. Paperless work environment
  11. Test Results Entry
  12. E-mail all reports including MIS reports
  13. It is user friendly, reliable and easily configurable
  14. Referral Laboratories are most benefited from this software

This software can be obtained in following manner

  • You may purchase it outright and run on your in house server. No licensing issues are there. You may have any number of user id and concurrent users.
  • You may purchase it outright and run on it on an hosted web server or cloud server.

Our primary objective is to construct dependable relationship with our customers and accomplices – relationship in light of trust, professional approach and getting a charge out of what we do. We utilize intense technological and showcasing solutions to give you unmatched performance to the best esteem around. Our own tender loving care and our accessibility when required are two things that hold our customers returning.

Presently, the data can be gotten to from anyplace with a protected login over the globe. Online pathology software has changed the way clinics and hospitals can operate. One can now get to patient subtle elements all over the place the world over and with quick record speed. It will save a lot of time and  money.

For live demo of this software please visit eLab demo.

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